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Carrot cake

Carrot cake is one of the world’s most popular cakes. It makes the top 5 on google trends, beaten only by cheesecake and chocolate cake. So let’s take a vote what would be your top 5 cake recipes? Mine are: … Continue reading

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Christmas shorts

I don’t only make clothes for my daughter and myself! I have made a few things for my son and husband too. And here is the evidence (never mind that it is 7 months old, it’s still evidence!). Not the … Continue reading

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Salted caramel chocolate tart with burnt oranges

We have two ladies (gospel preachers) staying with us this week, one of whom is a ‘foodie’. Together the ‘foodie’ and I were flicking through an assortment of back issues of food magazines looking for inspiration, planning the coming day’s … Continue reading

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Letting your daughter pick your favourite fabric for something for her, not you

If you have a special fabric: sew it quickly for yourself before someone else expresses an interest…. Another one of my favourite fabrics hit the dust recently. For her and not me. And what’s worse, she doesn’t like it now … Continue reading

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Purple and dark olive organic stripes

One or two tiny posts about sewing and a comment about sewingelle taking over…. And he who cooks unleashes post after post about cooking! And shows gorgeous photos of delicious food ! So now there’s going to be a tiny … Continue reading

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Salubrious Brunch

Audrey Hepburn might have had Breakfast at Tiffany’s,…  Melbourne has the dignified Hotel Windsor serving its famous high tea since 1883, and the Brits have been enjoying tea at the Ritz since 1906,  BUT  we recently gathered at a friends … Continue reading

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Nutmeg Cake

I have a cake recipe from Joan Campbell (Vogue food and wine cookbook 1991 ) that I have used over and over in emergencies, there are just a few ingredients and they all go into a food processor, nothing fiddly … Continue reading

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