Purple and dark olive organic stripes

One or two tiny posts about sewing and a comment about sewingelle taking over…. And he who cooks unleashes post after post about cooking! And shows gorgeous photos of delicious food !

So now there’s going to be a tiny interlude about sewing again, before the next onslaught of food.

My favourite local fashion fabric store often lures me into purchases. Early this season there was an interesting knit that got me. It was unusually wide (2 m) and was a stripe in purple and very dark olive of yarns with different degrees of stretch, then overlocked in a slightly crazy manner to produce very wavy organic strips

This was one side of the fabric, (that I decided was the wrong side and used on the inside, but it was a tough one to pick!). Its darker IRL and the purple bits are somewhat sheer

What to make out of such fabric? One of Burda magazines many great knit Tshirt patterns had been getting good reviews, so I gave it a try.

Technical stuff:

It’s 04-2009-112 made up in size 42.

I used some black foldover (lingerie) elastic to bind the neck edge because I’m lazy Burdas method of putting a facing on a knit garment neck edge seems a bit unnecessary.

You can see it here (you can also see the sides of the fabric I decided were “right” and “wrong”).

It’s the first time I’ve used this type of elastic. I ever so slightly stretched the elastic to pin it on, with a bit more stretching around the more curved parts than the straighter parts so that the neck edge would hug my body. Luckily, it worked out okay.

I didn’t take the seam allowance of 15 mm off before applying the fold over elastic because I’m lazy others had noted the neck was a bit wide, and wide round necks are not the most flattering on me ( the neck shape is still wide and round and not my best look, but I guess it could have been worse)

I cut the arm bands so the stripes ran the other way. This looks good, but means there is next to no stretch. Gets a bit tight by the end of the day.

I took the waist in by about 5 mm one each side seam ( 20 mm overall). Its still a bit boxy and probably would look better a bit longer

The raglan sleeves were in two pieces (back and front) with a seam from the shoulder down the arm. I didn’t fancy trying to match up all the wonky stripes. So I changed the sleeve into one piece by overlaying the front and back pieces at the upper seam and then cut a sort of dart where the two pieces diverged for the curve over the shoulder with a dart over the shoulders.

The two patterns pieces were like this:

I joined them to give one piece like this:

3 thoughts on “Purple and dark olive organic stripes

  1. It is always a great delight to meet another Burda sewer. I have seen that top made up a number of ways before and everyone mentions the neck binding and the sleeve matching as issues.Sounds like you’ve got some winner ideas there! Very cute top.

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