Letting your daughter pick your favourite fabric for something for her, not you

If you have a special fabric: sew it quickly for yourself before someone else expresses an interest….

Another one of my favourite fabrics hit the dust recently. For her and not me. And what’s worse, she doesn’t like it now it’s done.

Sewing is a bit like that. I think at least half of the things I sew don’t turn out the way I planned and half of them I don’t like either. But a 75% success rate isn’t too bad.

This fabric was a double synthetic of some sort ( can’t remember) knit in warm brown. It has an all over large stylized rose pattern and great two way stretch. I planned to make a sheath dress for me with three quarter sleeves for winter. My 12 year old daughter decided she wanted a winter “church” dress out of it and picked out one of Burda magazines patterns for it. I loved the pattern and thought it would work for her.

It did! But that’s only my opinion.

The problems.

She’s not a fan of tight turtle necks (funny, He Who Cooks complains about having to wear “skivvies” as a child too- perhaps its genetic?!). I could fix that by changing the neck to a crew or V neck.


She doesn’t like the colour either. Funny. I told her it probably wouldn’t suit her colouring??  She is right: the colour doesn’t really suit her.

So is anyone interested in this dress? Its our first giveaway!

It’s a size 34 (bust 80 cm/31.5 inch, waist 62 cm/24.5 inch, hip 86 cm/33.75 inch, dress length from the waist is 54 cm- she is tall for her age).

Leave a comment saying you would like the dress and I’ll randomly pick a “winner” (presuming there is more than one of you)!

Technical details

Its Burda magazine 10-2008-117. The style is fairly straight through the bodice and torso with a pleated skirt featuring a twisted bubble hem.

The skirt is lined, with the lining side seams and top fabric side seams not meeting and elastic pulling the skirt in: to give the twisted bubble effect.

Because of the two way stretch I used some woven ribbon support on the side seams to keep it in shape (before this, the bodice almost stretched to her knees..).

The sleeves are three quarter length in the pattern. But I made them a bit more than full length for two reason-so she could push them up and get the gathered look, and so, when she wore her trench or the other coat this was supposed to go with, both with three quarter length sleeve, a bit of the dress sleeve would show.

Lovely dress, but not quite right for her. Hopefully it will find a good home.

Here’s a silly front view

And a laughing side view

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