Tuna floss & other flavours (we try bāo diàn)

They said that video killed the radio star and sushi bars seemed to have made the old ‘fish n chips’ shops a thing of the past, now it seems there is an up and coming new “thing”. I want to share my new discovery with you, do I endorse the product …nup… but it was interesting!

My eyes were opened when we visited a new store in our visit to the central market recently. The new store opened in Adelaide at the end of March 2010 called ‘Breadtop’. Now Breadtop is a franchise operation that is arguably along the same lines as ‘Breadtalk’ which began in Singapore just 10 years ago and is now in 13 countries, with more than 300 bakeries, and 5000 employees. Guess there will be a ‘Jims’ bread soon!

We bought a selection to try and cut them into small portions to share

Now I have to say the ‘base’ bread was a bit on the sweet side but the flavours were certainly different and were quite interesting.

This one was the closest thing to a “pie” it had a pastry top with chicken filling

The flavor of the nori (Japanese for edible seaweed) really came through on this one, the yellow in the centre was egg.

Now this is a very interesting colour

This was the clear winner for weird sounding combination try: Tuna floss, seaweed, sesame & mayonnaise

This one was almost like a traditional pork bun

One thought on “Tuna floss & other flavours (we try bāo diàn)

  1. Looks interesting Chris. I assume it has Asian/Vietnamese origins. There is a very popular Nana’s bakery in the section towards Chinatown and it has similar buns, many savoury and sweet, but maybe a little less out there! I don’t know how they make their dough-it is certainly not like any western breads, but very morish though.

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