Whichever party wins… Cheesecake will be Prime Minister!

Polling has now closed and the results are in… cheesecake has a clear majority; a large swing to cheesecake late in the week has given it a clear lead in the polls!

This week with all the Federal election action happening, I thought a quick vote on the top five cakes would be a bit easier to pick a clear winner than all the boring election letters and promises filling our letter boxes.

No pork barreling or rash election promises needed, cheesecake came out a clear winner, winning twice as many votes as the next candidate.

In the ‘other’ category, spice cake was put forward for election, now that is interesting, a bit of a spicy candidate could make the party interesting!

So what would be Cheesecakes election promises if it could stand for election?

  • We will stop the waste

    Unlike other cakes cheesecake is almost never left on the plate, everyone wants some, so there is no waste!

  • We will help families

    Other cakes divide families; cheesecakes please everyone, families love to get together to enjoy cheesecake…now… No fighting over the last piece! It’s all about teaching Australian fair go… as in …hey fair go! …Cut everyone an equal slice of cheesecake mate!

  • We will stop new taxes

    Well this is a bit of fudge but has there ever been a tax on cheesecake… no didn’t think so…but maybe we should keep quiet before the ‘pollies’ catch up and spoil the party!

  • We will pay back the debt

    Everyone wants a surplus of cheesecake don’t they? Any deficit is soon remedied by quickly whipping one up.

So vote for Cheesecake and give all Australians something to smile about!

Authorised by He cooks…She sews for and on the behalf of Cheesecakes of the world

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