Fabric shopping in Turin

Ahh, the real reason for being in Italy was to drool over the gorgeous and stylish fashions in the shop windows and discover some fabric shops. One’s fabric stash can’t be left to languish without Italian fabrics, surely!

I hadn’t really even started trying to find the fabrics shops when I walked past a shop on Sunday afternoon (closed, of course!) with this sort of thing in the window.

You can see from the reflections in the glass that it was on a beautiful square.

It looked expensive but also like it had a diverse range of fabrics, so I went back. A very attractive young Italian man gave me a tour of the shop-“You would like to see our Chanel?” What did he mean? Boucle? YES! At least 30 different colours and weaves. They also had wools and linens in all sorts of weights, acres of shirting cottons, glorious silks..

All of it was on bolts on shelves, with strips of all the fabrics on display. This is a photo of a small part of the cotton drill area..this shop went on and on.

I restrained myself and only purchased a few cotton shirtings (what beautiful hand, glorious sheen..), a stretch cotton sateen, a stretch cotton animal print and a lightweight teal blue wool paisley.

The silks were very tempting but I had already purchased this border print silk chiffon in London from one of the shops on Goldhawk road (thank you Melissa for such great directions!)

11 thoughts on “Fabric shopping in Turin

    1. My memory is not excellent but thanks to google maps and a wikipedia search of equestrian statues, I think I have found it.
      The shop is Mario Provasoli Tessuti, Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 10. The square it is on is Piazza Bodoni and the statue is of Alfonso Ferrero La Marmora.

  1. Hi

    Would you recommend Turin over other Italian cities for fabric shopping?

    Which city is the best starting point?


  2. So hard to find any specialised patchwork shops and those that I found in Trieste mainly had fabric from the USA. Did pick up some French provincial style fabric there but that was it.

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