Tulips and twelve year olds

Semi tulip skirt on a twelve year old without an hour glass figure (yet)? Perhaps not such a good idea. But she’s happy ( “Hannah liked it” she said after its first wearing…).

It’s a Burda pattern I’ve wanted to make for myself but haven’t got to yet. Burda have their useful hysterical description of it:” The new star on the skirt scene! The cut is actually quite classic, but the shimmering, techno gabardine, cleverly constructed pleats and a metal zipper make this piece very trendy.” There is a fabulous plaid version too.

I used a mystery stretch fabric that I bought a long time ago. All that I really remember about it is that it was a colossal failure of a skirt after I had had Felicity and I was still larger than I realized. I cut out my pre pregnancy size, made the skirt, (pencil style) tried it on and was horrified. Several years passed before I was brave enough to sew again….

The fabric is really quite nice. Sort of denim look but probably not much, if any, cotton in its mix. It’s a lovely blue with an all over subtle rose pattern. Lots of stretch and quite a lot drape. This pattern would probably be better with a bit more stiffness. I used a light iron on interfacing for the centre front to reinforce and stabilize the fabric before I put the metal zip in. The zip is still a little bubbly, but it could probably have been much worse.

You can see the wobbly zip in this picture ( and the jonquils on the front fence and the camellias! Yah for spring!)

The design has very interesting triangular pleats, that are emphasized by the top stitching. Here is a view of the back ( and ignore the weed at the base of the conifer… its not there anymore..)

Here’s another view of the garden ( and nothing he is wearing is handmade, but the violets and camellias are home-grown)


Technical details:

Pattern: Burda 01-2009-105

Pattern sizing: 34-42, I made a 34

Changes I made: I left of the deep cut hem and added on just 4 cm for the hem. I used a machine blind stitch, but it’s a bit obvious.

I topstitched the pleats and around the zip with orange- to give it that denim jeans look.  Felicity was consulted about colours ( black? navy? orange?) and approved of orange. I didn’t add the deep hem or top stitch it because she didn’t like this feature in the magazine shot.

This is not really an alteration, just a mistake. I traced this pattern out about 6 months ago and the facings didn’t seem right when I pulled them out to cut the fabric last night. But instead of retracing them, I used them. Perhaps I marked the back facing as the front and vice versa? The back facing seemed to have a seam allowance added on to the centre back ( it was probably actually the front facing..duh)  Anyway, I cut both of them out on the fold after taking off the extra seam allowance ( or what I thought was extra). The front facing ended up too short and the back facing too long. I really should pull out the pattern sheets and check this.

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