The results of the PR Cardi Sew Along

Quilting Queen started a cardigan sew along in late August on Pattern Review. Just what I needed to get me going on a project I’d been contemplating for a while. I had been wanting to replace a grey RTW cardigan all winter, and now it was almost spring I really needed to get onto this!

I planned to use a La Mia Boutique pattern (my first! I picked up the magazine in Italy in June!). Its 07-2010-1. The Curious Kiwi has posted a picture of it, that I’ve reproduced here.

I planned to replace the lace edging, drop the drawstring waist and make it more trapeze shaped (because that is what my RTW one is like).

Here’s both my “inspiration” cardi on Eliza and, underneath, what the final product turned out like:

I really didn’t reproduce the grey cardigan very well, but it was fun trying!

Here’s how it looks on (I hope it’s not really that uneven at the front all the time, but it is a bit big so it hangs a bit wonky at times..)

The skirt is Burda 09-2007-116 made in a gorgeous loose weave wool from Ferrier Fabrics underlined with lime green polyester satin (bias and loose weave – I had to underline it!).

Technical stuff:

La Mia Boutique Magazine 07-2010-1 in a size 44.

This is the first time I’ve made any of LMB’s patterns. Everything is In Italian. I speak and read no Italian. A bit of an adventure! The size chart suggested 44 ( I am usually a 42 in Burda). It turned out a bit big, so my next LMB knit pattern will be tried in a size smaller.

Pattern alternations:

I overlaid the LMB front piece on my grey cardigan and then traced off a triangular piece to make the front into a trapeze shape. You can see the two pattern pieces here on the black fabric, ready to cut out.

And here is the front, cut out. The LMB front piece seemed too long so I didn’t add the hem allowance.

See the rotary cutter on the table? Another first! My only other previous use of them was to cut bias strips. Why had it taken so long for me to use them on a knit and for a whole garment?? They are great.

For the front edge I cut out two 13 cm wide strips from selvedge to selvedge, sewed them together, and doubled the strip to give a 5 cm wide strip with a 15 mm seam allowance. After the rest of the cardigan was constructed and hemmed, I placed the strip with the join at the centre back neck edge and then pinned through to almost the bottom edge of the cardigan. My fabric was 160 cm wide so I had quite a bit of excess. I worked out how much to cut off by pinning almost to the hem, and adding 10 mm for a seam. I turned the strip inside out just at the bottom, joined the ends of each of the strips, turned them back the right side and then sewed the strips on from bottom, up to the neck and back down the other side.

5 thoughts on “The results of the PR Cardi Sew Along

  1. I found your blog some months ago…and have enjoyed it since. And now to find out you joined in the sew along I started at PR tickles me no end! I’m QQ, and I love the adaption to the cardi you pulled off here, very flattering.
    So now what’s next?
    Quilting Queen

  2. I noticed your skirt, almost exactly as mine! Same Burda pattern, same plaid, different fabric, a poly rayon from Gay Naffine.

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