Vintage fabric shopping in San Francisco

A day stopover in San Francisco to get over jet lag before a very full eleven day work trip. What a great idea! This was the lovely view of the Bay Bridge from my hotel in the Embacadero.

And the best way to get over jet lag is to get out in the sunshine and walk around.

It’s a colourful place!

I went out with no, repeat no, intentions of purchasing any fabric, but when you come across a shop called Urban Burp that sells vintage fabrics, well, resistance was futile. There is a great blog post about this place with nice pictures of how fabulous it is on the inside on True Up.

What came home with me? Just enough turquoise damask for a pencil skirt (even the receipt is sort of vintagey!). You can see that the prices were very reasonable.

Technical stuff:

Its a cotton/rayon blend with a fairly stiff hand from the late 50’s/early 60’s. The rayon part is the shiny white threads. I’ve washed it (wool wash by hand) since returning home and it survived that treatment well, with not too much shrinkage. A lot of colour came out. Electra (owner of Urban Burp) said it was a dress fabric and not an upholstery fabric but I’m not so sure. Hopefully the colour won’t continue to bleed with every wash.

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