Cooking at the Vanderbilts Estate

One of the surprise activities of the scientific meeting I attended was a cook-some-of-your-own dinner at Lioncrest, one of the restaurants on Biltmore Estate.

And what a lot of fun  we had!

The appetizer: Butter poached shrimp, dill spaetzle, bacon capers, wilted arugula. IMO, the highlight of the meal ( and not just because I was involved in its execution!).

Here’s part of the team I worked with to make the appetizer.

Here’s the expert with the small amount of butter needed for poaching. Heart attack anyone?

The spaetzle making kit was just a little bit bigger than what we had used recently in Adelaide with Russell to make dumpling for Hungarian goulash, but the same concept. [Why haven’t we done a blog about this?? anyway, some of the photos are here].It was sort of cool to find myself in a restaurant kitchen half way round the world doing the same sort of thing just a few weeks after having being introduced to making dumplings (spaetzle) this way in my own kitchen!

Another team made the salad (Bibb lettuce salad with local tomatoes, Roquefort cheese, spicy candied walnuts, fresh thyme vinaigrette, sourdough croutons)

Here’s one of the team getting instructions from the expert about how to crumble the Roquefort.

And some tomato corralling

The Entrée (main): Pan roasted beef flank steak stuffed with lobster and saffron risotto, served with rhubarb and red wine butter sauce.

Stuffing and rolling:

The final product before browning

And the dessert: Chocolate mousse torte (here with a Nomacorc couli rather than the normal squiggle!)

During production:

A fun evening with a smile right to the end!

Thanks to Edina, Katherine, Jamie and Andrew for sharing photos.

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