Another cardi

This time it’s a wrap for Felicity

This is a PR Best Pattern of 2009. There are lots of different ways to wear it. Here is another one.

Technical details

Simplicity 2603 made in size XS-S.

The fabric is a knit polyester rayon.

Changes I made:

I made the same change to the back neck that lots of other people have: gathered instead of sewing on elastic.

I didn’t have quite enough fabric to make the longer version but a bit more than I needed for the shorter version. So I made it in between. It’s not quite long enough to wrap from the front to the back and tie, but the proportions look okay.

I extended the sleeves down to the wrist instead of cutting a cuff separately and sewing that on. Felicity still pushes the sleeves up. I may as well of left them as three quarter length!

My overlocker is somewhat geriatric and doesn’t do nice rolled hems, so the edges are completely unfinished. I did not cut of the extra 15 mm seam allowance, so there is a little extra everywhere, even the back neck. This is a very forgiving pattern!.

Due to the knit type, there’s a bit of rolling on the unfinished “hems”. I should really do something about this…

“We live in a fashion world”. Isn’t the skirt great? I’m still a bit dark that Felicity got this skirt and not me… The skirt is reviewed here.

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