Vintage fabric stars again

I love this skirt. It’s been hanging on the outside of my wardrobe for a day now and it makes me smile every time I look at it. It doesn’t matter even if I never wear it! ( and since I have no top or shoes that work with it, yet, that’s quite likely…)

Why am I so happy with it? Let me tell you.

  • It’s my favourite colour and I love the sheen. It almost looks like turquoise lace overlaid on silver, but it’s not.
  • The invisible zip went it beautifully.

  • I ‘half’ used The Sewing Divas tip for facing the zip and that worked well too. You can see the nice curved finish on the outside in the photo above and what it looked like inside, below. Not yet perfect and not how the Divas turns out but okay for me.

  • I Interlined it with bemberg ( acetate) and this worked really well too. It made the hem invisible (catch stitches went into the interlining, not the outside fabric layer)

Technical details:

Burda Magazine 07-2008-127 lengthened by 10 cm (to give that just over the knee 1940’s vintage look) and with a 1 cm sway back alteration.

Fabric: cotton rayon damask from the late 50’s / early 60’s, purchased in San Fransisco and blogged about here (with the photo showing the wrong side..duh)

7 thoughts on “Vintage fabric stars again

  1. absolutely gorgeous!! I thought it was lace over fabric. What a wonderful optical illusion! I can see why you love looking at it. hope the shoes and top show up soon because this is too beautiful to go unworn.

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