One dot wonders

BurdaStyle magazine rate the difficulty of their patterns in dots. One is ‘quick and easy, great for beginners’.Four is ‘challenging, detailed and time-consuming, for pros’.

Most of the one dot patterns are ho-hum. But not this one!

Two pattern pieces and a rectangle for the skirt. Cascading sleeves, elastic waist. Threading in the elastic was the most time-consuming part of this project. This is the second version I’ve made. Too easy!

I think it looks better with a belt, but it’s also okay without one, like in this view.

I’m not in the habit of having my underwear selection on view, but, those cascading sleeves…

Note to self. Blue bras aren’t the best for this dress.

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle Magazine 05-2010-105

I made a 42 and cut it a few cms wider from the hips down (actually I cut out my skirt rectangle as a size 44 and then angled in from the hips to a waist measurement that was 4 cms less than the hip measurement). I thought the skirt might be a bit tight because it looked that way in the magazine, but I really should have realized that’s knits are better snug and ease is not so needed in knits!

Fabric: I’ve made this twice. First time around was a medium weight wool knit (the brown and gold zigzag one in this blog post). Second time was the dress featured here, a much thinner polyester knit. Both fabrics came from Gay Naffine designer fabric sales.

For the wool knit, I lined the skirt with a poly rayon medium weight black knit. For the second version I used an old half slip as the skirt lining with the elastic cut off so I could keep the lacy hem. Refashioning at its best!

2 thoughts on “One dot wonders

  1. I like this dress on you Liz… It looks lovely. I wonder where you find the time to sew in your busy schedule! Glynis

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