I’ve been wanting to make this pattern for a while. Frocktober was a great reason!  Plus I had some very cute stretch cotton sateen from Italy. And it would match my favourite shoes. Perfect outfit for looking at the sky and wondering if the outfit was suitable for the weather…

The pattern is another Burda Magazine one that’s lots of other sewists have made up already. It’s a simple sheath pattern (4 main pattern pieces!) with darts for easy fitting, cut in cap sleeves and an interesting back neckline.

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle Magazine 02-2009-124

I made a size 42, with a 1 cm sway back adjustment and lengthened the skirt by 5 cm. I’ve been wondering if I needed a swayback adjustment so decided to trial it with this dress. It seems to take a bit of pooling out from just below my waist at the back , so perhaps its worked.

I took the front bodice darts in a further 14 mm overall (7 mm each side) at the front joining seam (up to nothing at the bust point). Each of the front skirt darts also went in by 14 mm at the top of the skirt, down to the drafted amount at the waist. This meant the skirt darts were almost straight from the empire line of the top of the skirt down to the waist. I also added a back slit for walking ease. I was a little concerned that this very stretchy cotton might go out of shape or sag at the neckline so I used Vilene bias tape around the front and back neck edges. I also hand sewed the sleeves hems, facing hem and slit. What has got into me? What’s wrong with blind hemming by machine??!

Fabric Used:
Stretch cotton with a cute cherub print. From one of my happy discoveries of a fabric shop while in Italy, blogged about here. I only had 150 cm of 120 cm wide fabric, but managed to cut the pattern out. Anything bigger than a 42 would have been a stretch for 120 cm wide fabric, so I was lucky! It’s a much nicer dress than it would have been as a skirt! No way could I match the pattern, but it was small enough and busy enough that I don’t think it matters. There is one cherub on the back who has legs growing out of his chest..

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