Japanese pattern magic

I first discovered the Japanese Pattern Magic books on.. somewhere in blog land (I read so many I am not sure which now but I think it was Claire Kennedy but it has been mentioned by numerous sewing bloggers). I succumbed and bought the English version (before telling He who Cooks) when Tessuti fabrics announced they had it in stock.

Why has it such a following?… easy…. it is …..Fabulous! oh and seriously inspiring.

But, I’m left with a few thoughts….

After you wash this top, how do you iron it? ( then again that is He who Irons problem)

Wow, a Japanese woman’s size M is smaller than my 12 year old daughter in some dimensions! (but she is taller and probably bigger than most 12 year olds). Seriously… drafting up to my size is required!

I really need to work on a sloper for me (for non sewers a sloper is a custom fit pattern drafted for your own unique shape). Why don’t I live in the US and have easy access to Wolf Dressmaker Dummies? …I am jealous !

Pattern drafting combines my love of math and style. How wonderfully nerdy is that!

I love many of the designs, but would they suit my size and where here would I ever wear them?

I love these challenges!

3 thoughts on “Japanese pattern magic

  1. I can’t help you on the ironing, but you really don’t need a sloper to use Pattern Magic. I added a pattern magic detail to a Burdastyle a-line sheath, and it worked just fine.

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