It’s a prawn cocktail Jim, but not as we know it.

Ages ago I spied a great looking entrée using avocado and prawns that I wanted to try but never got an opportunity. The dish that inspired me is from the Foodologist.

Saturday evening I had a little time, some mangoes, avocado, fresh coriander, and some left over prawns.

Yeh I know it is hard to believe that there could be left over prawns… I confess I am one of those people that devour yummy left over’s as soon as the guests have left… go on, don’t look shocked, you do it too…don’t you?

However we had enjoyed a little celebration the previous evening that had gone on until the wee hours and I really couldn’t face peeling cold garlic prawns. So into the fridge they went.

Now there is nothing hard or fancy about this dish, it is really just a celebration of summer flavors. In a bowl I put diced avocado, added some cucumber for crunch and threw in some chopped coriander, I squeezed some lime juice over to stop the avocado going brown and mixed it all gently.

Next I cut up the mango… went looking for chili, but sadly had to do without, though I am sure it would have given the dish extra ‘zing’

The prawns were peeled cut into chunks and mixed together with some whole egg mayonnaise and a little more lime juice.

Don’t think for a minute that I just threw out the prawn shells and heads. Not at all! They were gathered up and made into prawn stock.

Finally, using a scone cutter as a ring, the mixture was plated up, layer upon layer.

Now you will just have to use your imagination a little as to the final dish… because this was the just first attempt.

I played around with using a slice of cucumber to place the prawns on and the mint as a garnish.

Both were superfluous and I didn’t use them in the end.

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