Out of hibernation… into the oven

It must be spring; even the freezer got a clean out the other day.

Try as I might to keep the freezer organized…. I try to label everything that goes into deep storage and have designated shelves for different things containers with mystery contents still gradually accumulate in the freezer.

Fortunately some of the surprises are real treasures. I had poached some quince late last autumn and had frozen several batches. I was delighted to find a container full of the ruby fruit just waiting to be used in some way.

One of the things that had not survived the spell out of the freezer while it was being de-iced and cleaned was some puff pastry, the edges had defrosted and gone dry.

The center of several sheets however was still fine, so I cut two circles in each one about a centimeter apart then laid the poached quince on top.

Then 15 mins. or so in the oven and they were done. Finally I reduced the poaching liquid down to a thick syrup and drizzled it over the tarts. Too easy, a little sour cream and desert was done.

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