Circle skirt that loves to swirl

This great circle skirt came preprinted on a panel. It’s been slumbering in my stash for several years, waiting for a sweet young thing with a yellow jacket and matching shoes to bring it to life.

It particularly likes swirling,

although the sweet young thing does get a bit dizzy and needs to sit down afterwards

Technical details

No pattern for this one.

The poly cotton panel had the circle printed on it and the waistband. All I needed to do was cut them out and sew it up, according to the instructions, also printed on the panel.

I cut the skirt only on one of the cutting lines, so there was only one seam at the back, where the zip was inserted. I cut the waistband down to be 80 cm. Felicity’s waist measurement is 70 cm so this was 5 cms more than her waist (after including 3 cm for the overlap for the button and 2 lots of 10 mm as seam allowances). 5 cms of ease in the waist is more than is needed, but Felicity likes to wear her skirts below the waist, so it works out about right.

So I had cut out a “Large” (and she would be “Medium”) then I made it even larger by not sewing both seams, but reduced the waistband down from a “Large”. After all these changes, I expected the top of the skirt to be too big for the waistband, so I ran a gathering stitch around it to ease it in. It turned out not really needing to be eased in much. Now that I’ve measured the diameter of the circle I cut out for the waist (23 cm) and done the math including all the seam allowances, I’ve worked out that the waist would have been 78.6 cm and my waistband was 75 cm, so this makes sense. It would have been more prudent to do this before hand, not eyeballed it and hoped for the best!

My overlocker doesn’t do rolled hems so I used a very close zigzag on the bottom edge.

Sewing so easy it almost feels like cheating!

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