Sewing for Granny

How do you learn which styles suit you and which don’t?

For me it’s always been trial and error, and I have got better at recognizing the obvious losers before I sew them up. I think….most times…. well perhaps only sometimes.

I considered this BurdaStyle 01-2008-108 blouse when the magazine came out two years and thought it was lovely…. for everyone else. The fashion shoot photo was appealing, but it was just not me. I thought the puffy sleeves were a bit much, but I liked the bib front.

It surprised me that my daughter asked me to make it up for her in a gorgeous yellow silk. I decided to try it in another fabric first, just in case it turned out on like I thought it might….


She doesn’t like it.

It’s a bit big on her, but she feels the style is a bit old. I agree.

So I won’t adjust the sizing to make it fit her. I’ll try it on Granny first. Seriously, my mother-in-law is a similar size, perhaps narrower across the shoulder and the style will suit her.

So…it’s a win-win, not a wadder*.

  • My daughter is learning what works and what doesn’t, style wise;
  • Granny will get a new blouse made in a delightful batiste with a subtle sparkly coating, and;
  • I enjoyed sewing this lovely fabric with my new-to-me presser foot.

*wadder is a sewist’s term for failure; a pattern that didn’t fit, was unflattering, ugly or didn’t turn out as expected, the garment is useful for padding cushions (used as wadding) but not much else.

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