Second time lucky?


[image from BurdaStyle]

I’m a bit uncertain about whether my daughter will like this style blouse on her, but I think it will suit her better than one I’ve just made. This one is BurdaStyle 07-2010-121. No, she is not planning to wear it with short shorts and high heels!

She’s looked at the fashion photo and the line drawing at least three times. It has gone something like this.

The magazine arrives at the end of June. We both want to look at it so we sit side by side in front of the fire and look through it together. Ah, sweet. It’s great having a daughter. Unprompted she says “I love that” about this top. I file that away but nothing gets sewn from the issue because we are in the depth of winter.

Several months later, when I’m thinking about summer sewing, I say “how about this one?”, you know, just checking on her previous response. She says “mm, no, don’t like it”. Hmm, I think.

A month or two passes and summer sewing should be in full swing because it’s almost Christmas. I get her to look through all the spring and summer issues of the 2010 Burda Styles to pick out styles she would like me to make for her. She gets to this style and says “I like that”. I say ” Are you sure? You didn’t like it last time I asked”. I say “The ruffles might make your shoulders huge”. I say “Are you sure? It’s got big kimonesque sleeves and could feel a bit odd under a jacket”. I say “You’d probably need to tuck it in, it’s a bit boxy”. Of course this made her like it even more…

So it’s now traced off (now I see why everyone is grizzling about the new Burda pattern sheets..). I traced a size 36 for this one.

And it’s cut out (I love my Olfa rotary cutter, what a breeze cutting out is now!). I cut the ruffle pieces on the bias, so no need for seam allowances and hemming.

I used the same sparkly but soft cotton batiste as last time. Lucky I bought 6 metres of this stuff!

If it works out well, then that gorgeous yellow silk might finally get made up. I might even get to it before Christmas..

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