Ruffled shoulders

Yes, definitely second time lucky! This one is a keeper!

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 07-2010-121.

Size: 36


A lovely cotton batiste with a shiny surface. It was one of Gay Naffines fabrics and I had previously used it, unsuccessfully for my daughter but very successfully for Granny for this blouse.

Changes I made:

The instructions said to cut out the ruffle pieces on the straight grain and finish the edges. That sounded like a lot of work and I wondered if it might make the ruffles a bit stiff. So I cut them on the bias and left the edges unfinished instead. With careful hand washing, this should just give them that nice slightly distressed look, and they’ll only disintegrate once the blouse is too small for her anyway.

How did I ruffle the ruffles? Did I use a special ruffling foot? Yes and no…

I used the plastic embroidery foot for my Elna and set the stitch length to maximum, and it did it all for me. Lex posted a tutorial about this a few days after I discovered I had a “ruffling” foot, with more details about tension and how to get this to work with probably just about any foot and machine.

This photo also shows how much use my machine has had – look at those wear marks…

My “ruffling” foot ruffled a bit too much, but it was easy to spread the gathers out a bit more and then sew them onto the blouse.

And I’m pretty happy with how this turned out

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate!

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