Bernina love

Yes. I have a new sewing machine!

No wear marks on this one, yet. But I’m working on that!

So, how did this all happen? Didn’t I blog not so long ago about how happy I was about my old machine??

Well, several months ago, I wandered into a Bernina agent in Angaston, in the Barossa Valley, on a weekend away.

Wonderful machines.

I came away with brochures. Looked at brochures, thought about prices. But didn’t go any further than that.

At least, not I.

Instead, I sourced a new presser foot for my old Elna and put my Janome in for a service. I did wonder why He Who Cooks suggested that getting my old Janome in for servicing wasn’t urgent and could wait until I had time off after Christmas.

It seems that He Who Cooks took a lot of notice of those brochures.

On Christmas morning there was a large box under the tree that hadn’t been there the night before. Well the size of the box didn’t necessarily mean anything, because He Who Cooks is known for surprises and misinformation. But the weight gave it away!

It was a Bernina 380.

It’s now happily installed in my sewing “studio” in between my Elna sewing machine and Elna overlooker.

There’s still almost enough room for the Janome when she returns from servicing… but I’m not sure what I’d use her for?? Top-stitching or different thread?

The Elna is still in use for invisible zips because I don’t have that foot yet for the Bernina. And my niece is coming tomorrow for her first sewing lesson. So having more than enough machines for one seamstress is a good thing, isn’t it?!

6 thoughts on “Bernina love

  1. I love my Bernina. Love love love. Recently I had to get it serviced and had to go back to my spare, a bottom of the range Janome I bought years ago before I really got into sewing. At first I thought, “this isn’t too bad” but by the end of the project all the things it couldn’t do started to really stack up and I realised just how good the Bernina is. Many happy sewing returns!

  2. WOW! lucky you 🙂 I bought a new brother BC2500 today so looking forward to lots of sewing on the new machine. Hope you enjoyed your week on KI.

  3. Smart husband, great machine! How exciting for you to find that under the tree, they’re lovely, solid machines and its so great you are able to now start a bunch of kids on learning to sew. Congratulations and welcome to Club Bernina!!

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