Red A-line skirt

My first complete project on my new Bernina (apart from the invisible zip… note to self, get a foot for this!).

Another skirt for my daughter.

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 02-2010-104B.

Size: 38. This meant the skirt sat just below the natural waistline, where my daughter wanted it.

Fabric: Stretch cotton twill from Gay Naffine

I embellished the pockets with red cotton bias tape top stitched with white thread (love that I can move the needle position on my Bernina!) and a bias strip of a cotton print. The same print was used on the inner pocket bag.

I used the same bias strip on the bottom of the inner yoke piece. This meant I didn’t need to turn the bottom edge of the inner yoke in, and it also added a bit of extra interest to the inside.

Here are some photos on how I put the yoke together.

First I sewed the floral bias strip on 7 mm from the edge, turned it to the inside and top stitched from the front. The strip was about 30 mm wide so it extended quite a bit onto the wrong side, enough to be caught into the seam when the yoke was sewn onto the garment (more about that later)

The yoke facing was then sewn on right sides together with the yoke, except the short edge was turned back 15 mm. You can also see the extended bias strip in this photo on the wrong side of the yoke facing.

After stitching, the seams were trimmed and graded before turning and pressing.

On the front I stitched in the ditch with red thread to catch the facing (and the end of the bias strip) onto the skirt on the inside.

I also used red thread for the hem and Bernini’s stitch guide to add a 40 mm hem.


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9 Responses to Red A-line skirt

  1. Steph says:

    Very nice, cute touch with the printed bias tape. You did a good job of the invisible zip without the foot. (Though the foot makes it much simpler. )

  2. Sewingelle says:

    I think I’ve misled you here about the zip. I still have an invisible zip foot for my old Elna, luckily!

  3. Shannon says:

    Gorgeous skirt. I love the red and print contrast you used- it looks great!

  4. Tany says:

    That’s a lovely skirt!
    You don’t need an invisible zipper foot to sew a perfect invisible zipper; Els from the Sewing Divas blog published a tutorial, check it out here:
    I find this method quite effective and I use it all the time.
    (thanks for your comment, btw!)

  5. Stephanie says:

    Great little skirt, love the pocket detailing. And yes, grab a Bernina invisible zipper foot, worth its weight in gold. Hope your daughter likes this lovely skirt?

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