Halter-strapped sundress

I’ve been inspired by Mary Nanna, who sews what she feels like sewing rather than what she necessarily needs in her wardrobe (I know it rains a lot in Auckland, but does she really need that many trenchcoats??!). I abandoned plans to make a sensible dress and sewed a maxi length halter strap sundress from very sheer cotton voile instead.

It was fun and I love the dress.

Have I worn it yet? No but … there’s still at least six weeks of hot weather left….

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 07-2010-110

Size: 84 (Tall version of a 42) I cut 15 cm off of the bottom of the dress, but didn’t alter anything else. I’m 174 cm high , and Tall sizes are drafted for women 176 cm high. So I guess this is a preference by me to be able to see my toes even with heels off, rather than the sizing being too tall for me.

Fabric: The outer fashion fabric was a very sheer cotton voile, one of Gay Naffines fabrics purchased this season. The lining was navy cotton batiste. The fashion fabric has a charcoal background, but when I was purchasing the lining I forgot it was charcoal (the other cotton voile I bought at the same time as this charcoal/teal voile has a navy background so I guess I didn’t pay enough attention).

I didn’t try to place the large floral motifs optimally or pattern match, because I simply only had just enough fabric to cut this out (only 3 m of 140 cm wide).

Due to the lightness of the fabrics I used French seams throughout.

Lining: The lining is a princess seamed shell and only comes down mid-thigh (finger length), so it’s a slightly sexy leggy look. I like it, but it further limits when I can wear this dress.

Here’s a back view where the sheerness from mid-thigh down is a bit more obvious. There’s also a bit of diagonal pulling around the waist, so it looks like I haven’t got the fit quite right here.

Bodice and strap: The bodice is very nicely tucked with a central pleat and the halter straps are gathered onto the top of the bodice. It was fun to put this together. Although the fabric is sheer and the lining is lightweight, there are enough layers here that a strapless bra is not really needed.

I like this dress. Hopefully it will get an outing to a nice restaurant near a beach soon. It would be ideal to stroll along a shoreline in, don’t you think?? (you think I am hinting?? no, of course not!)

3 thoughts on “Halter-strapped sundress

  1. Wow, I’m glad I’ve lead you astray because look where it took you! That dress is fabulous, it totally suits your figure and you must find somewhere to take it right now. Do not deprive the world of you in that dress.

    PS. Oh yes, and that trench I made a month or two back still hasn’t got an outing – at least another month before it will be cool enough to even think about it…

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