Sewing lesson results

Miss F, our daughter, picked pajamas as her first sewing attempt.

But not just any old easy pattern for elastic topped pants. She wanted to make a cross over wrap bodice nightie with lace edging. And to use a cotton jersey instead of a nice stable woven.

But I didn’t want to discourage her by getting her to sew something she wasn’t enthused about. I want her to learn to enjoy sewing. This was a tough decision- let her go with the fabric and style she liked and then get discouraged when it was hard to construct, or go with another easier fabric and or style that was second best, in her opinion, and didn’t inspire her to sew. So we compromised. We used the harder to sew fabric and pattern and I did the hard to sew parts..

I think she enjoyed it, she certainly looks happy at the sewing machine! The real test will be whether she ever goes back to it!

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 12-2008-128

Size: 36

Fabric: Cotton jersey, from a previous stash building exercise at a Gay Naffine sell off. I also have the reverse (white with navy dots). The lace trim was elastic lace edging (normally used for panties) and I lightly stretched it and sewed it onto the bodice edge after the bodice was constructed (the bodice is a double layer). The straps were made from two pieces of the elastic butted together and zigzagged.

Clear elastic was sewn into the inside of the bodice-skirt joining seam, and stretched as it was sewn onto the back part, as this nightie tends to run a bit large through the back.

You can see the gathering in this back view

I did the sewing on of the elastic (yes even those uneven bits in the photo!) but my daughter did all the other sewing.

Not bad for a beginner!

2 thoughts on “Sewing lesson results

  1. Wow… Daughter F…. I am very impressed in your sewing talent! If you keep it up you might just be better than mum!

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