Cheatcuterie and other cold cuts

Weekends ah don’t you just live for them… good weekends that is … weekends when you can…” Sleep ’til you’re hungry, and eat ’til you’re sleepy”. I love weekends when I get inspired and feel like cooking… you love those weekends too … yes you do admit it…you don’t look here for the sewing do you!

The problem with weekends is that they start on Friday night. At the end of a busy day at the end of a busy week which last Friday was at the end of a busy month, recognise those days??   yeh we all get them. Now why on earth would I choose to mention to ‘she sews’ that having one or two friends from work over would be a good idea? I am not sure; my therapist thinks it is something to do with an empty refrigerator in my childhood.

Somehow one or two friends often ends up being ten or more, and just a few nibbles ends up being several dishes, and come for drinks after work sometimes ends up as a party till 2am. It’s a progressive disease that has no cure.

Now Nigella or Jamie Oliver or Donna Hay will tell you to put on your (branded expensive ) apron and whip up some gourmet delights that will wow your guests, yeh right all I want is a cold drink in my hand and my feet up… in situations like this I unashamedly resort to Cheatcuterie.

Cheatcuterie is the branch of cooking devoted to buying assorted meats and cheeses and arranging it on a plate. Cheatcuterie is derived from the term ‘cheat- cuit’, which translates to mean no stress for the host and happy guests. Cheatcuterie is considered by some to be an art form, the art and science of buying cooked meat preparations with special emphasis on saving time for the host.This ancient art, whose origins date back some 6,000 years, became popular during the Roman Empire when Cleopatra invited half of Egypt to Rome one Friday night.

Good cheatcuterie  is visually pleasing with enough variety and colour to make the offering tempting. Here are a couple I used last Friday…

Hot Smoked Ocean Trout from Harris. The Harris family has had 4th generations to perfect their smoking process they produce sensational smoked salmon and what’s more they are local. The Rainbow trout is hot smoked with blackening spice, the flavour is delightful.

This platter contains an assortment of cured meats, shaved, rolled or sliced & served with some antipasto goodies. No two platters are ever the same it all depends on what I fancy at the time.

Nothing special here just good quality produce put together. Remember “if it’s so beautifully arranged on the plate – you know someone’s fingers have been all over it.”  ~Julia Child

For the record we also had:  homemade sushi, sticky pork spare ribs, wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli served in bamboo cones, and a cheese plate and more … foodies we just can’t help ourselves!

2 thoughts on “Cheatcuterie and other cold cuts

  1. No Chris…. I don’t just look at the sewing! I also love the food ideas. These are great… you are a legend!

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