Coat muslin #1

This is boring sewing with ugly fabric. But it’s all good, because, I have made some progress towards Felicity’s winter coat (keep saying that..keep saying that..).

The muslin is now complete (well, no facings, but I think that would be going too far). Photos of it are now up on the RTW sew-a-long flickr site for comment by the rest of the talented and much more experienced sewists and fit specialists.

The pattern is BurdaStyle 11-2007-115, size 40 with 4 cm taken out of the centre back. I wonder what other changes I should make to get the fit right? Hopefully the RTW Tailoring sew-a-long group will let me know!

I think that uneven hem is a camera trick or stance anomaly but I will check next time she puts it on.

She’s a sweet girl, and has put this muslin on and off quite a few times already, without complaint, but she gets a bit snarly when her pedicure is taking too long…

(Dress up night at our recent holiday at Normanville)

5 thoughts on “Coat muslin #1

  1. That seems like a lot of fabric to have to take out of the back. Sometimes I use a smaller size for my back and a larger size for the front, which seems to work ok. It’s hard to analyze fit without more pictures, I guess I should go look at the flickr group…

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