Blame it on my new colleague

Oh dear. More stash building has happened.

Why is it my new colleague’s fault?

Well, let me tell you.

I received my 6 monthly notifications about Gay Naffine’s fabric sale last week. I said to He Who Cooks that I had too much fabric already, so he screwed up the notice and threw it in the bin. (This is a relevant detail, not just a general whine about spouses. The sale was in a new location and if I wanted to go I need that piece of paper for the address). But that was fine because I didn’t need any more fabric, really, …well sortof fine, ya know, but definitely sensible.

But, oh joy of joys, I have just started a new job and there is another sewist there! I had to pass on this great news about the sale to her. But the notice had gone in the bin. I remembered as I was leaving one morning, reversing out past the bin on rubbish collection day. My darling husband, perhaps feeling somewhat guilty about deciding I didn’t need any more fabric, fished through the bin and pulled the notice out.

The sale day come and off we went, my colleague and I in her car. I’d ridden my bike in to reduce the temptation to go to the sale, but she had a car, so.. resistance was futile.

What did I add to my stash?

Gorgeous purple merino wool knit, another finer weight in red, a polyester black knit with grey graduated circles, a grey fine wool flannel ( the one with the buttons on it), a grey and black stripe stretch woven,


synthetic shearling, which I can’t show in the picture with the other fabrics, because I’ve already cut it out to make a vest.

What am I going to make with the rest of it?

  • purple knit: a dress or a long wrap cardigan/coat (like Tany’s)
  • red knit: a long sleeved top or two (I bought 3 metres because the price was very good..)
  • black knit with circles: don’t know, probably a straight dress or tunic with long sleeves
  • grey flannel: circle skirt for Felicity
  • stretch stripe woven: a skirt for Felicity or a short jacket

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