Another skirt [still no progress on The Winter Coat]

Yes, I am avoiding the Big Coat Project, but I also need to update/renew my winter work wardrobe. I’ve changed jobs and the dress code is more corporate. The other day I wore a tailored jacket I made more than ten years ago that is now work appropriate, and sadly I found, mid morning, it has a small but obvious moth hole in the lower sleeve..So that needs replacing too.

But yes I am have been avoiding the Big Coat Project.

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 07-2008-127.

Size: 42


A wool, silk, cotton blend, purchased at a Gay Naffine fabric sale several seasons ago. The base fabric is probably the wool and silk blend with the cotton as the embroidery. It’s a gorgeous textured black, reasonably thick due to the embroidery, but with a nice hand due to the wool component. I used Lincraft Sunsilky lining to line the skirt. It’s 100% polyester, and supposed to be antistatic and breathable. It feels good. I generally use acetate or stretch poly satin for linings, so it will be interesting to see how this goes.

Alterations to what has become a TNT* pattern for me:

•    Removed 15 mm from the top of the skirt so that the finished skirt sits just below the waist on me.

•    Added a walking vent to the back.

•    Increased the width 5 mm each side over my thighs (a total of an extra 2 cm all round). Perhaps I’ve put on some weight? Surely not! Easter, aka chocolate fest, was a month ago! Must be the thickness of this fabric means I’m losing more in turn-of-the-cloth (in reality, probably a combination of these two explanations. Note to self, ride that bike more! Eat less chocolate!)

•    Did not use a fabric facing, instead, lined to the top of the skirt. I didn’t want extra bulk.

•    Interfaced the front at the waist where the facing would have been and the entire back. Why? Well the base fabric is not tightly woven. I was worried about the back stretching out due to lots of sitting in a straight skirt. Looks like Dawn at Two On Two Off was worried about that too! Nothing worse than an extra bulge just a bit lower than your own derriere when you stand up. So I fused woven interfacing onto the entire back except for the walking vent extension and the hem allowance. I used the same prewashed interfacing I intend to use for the Big Coat Project. Lovely stuff.

* tried ‘n’ true

4 thoughts on “Another skirt [still no progress on The Winter Coat]

  1. Fabulous skirt – I love the fabric. I have interfaced skirts in wool/silk for the same reasons and it has worked well.

  2. This skirt is wonderful! The addition of a walking vent is a smart and well tailored alteration. Beautiful!
    Thank you so much for your comment on my dress!

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