Shearling fun

A bolt of synthetic shearling lent against the cutting counter at Gay Naffine‘s sale.

“Wonderful fabric” “Make a vest in next to no time” “No need to finish off the edges” “You only need your length” “Deliciously warm to wear” ” Very ‘in’ this season”

This was the fabric shops equivalent of candy at the checkout.

It was indeed very quick to construct into a vest. I probably spent more time tracing off the pattern, cutting out and vacuuming the fluff up and off of everything than actually sewing.

But really, this vest did not suit me (I sort of expected that, but I wanted to try sewing with this fabric and try lapped seams). But, no problem, it looked great on a friend.

I had enough fabric left for another garment. Felicity didn’t want a vest. She thought the shearling would make a great dressing gown.. (I think this was code for do-not-wear-out-the-house). So I tried another vest for me, with a more avant garde style. Perhaps second time lucky?

Hmm. Probably not. But it was fun making these!

Technical details


Burdastyle 09-2009-123

Size: 42

Burdastyle 10-2010-129

Size: 84 (tall version of 42)

Construction: I used a straight stitch but increased up to a 4 on my Bernina, the length I would normally use for gathering. My machine still really didn’t like sewing through all this fur, especially when the fur was on the outside, but it managed reasonably well and gave even stitches most of the time ( although much smaller than a 4 would normally do).

The first version had lapped seams everywhere except for the collar/neck seam. It has a perfectly straight center back that could be on a fold, but the seam does add interest. Here’s a back view:

For the second version I sewed the seams right sides together (ie the traditional way, suede was the right side, fur the wrong side), then trimmed the fur off one of the seam allowances, folded both allowances together across to that side (with the shorn side underneath) and sewed both allowances down. This made it a bit tidier and reversible, and put a line of top stitching on the outside.

The second style is very boxy with dropped shoulders. Here’s a back view of it too:

And a front view without the draping:

2 thoughts on “Shearling fun

  1. I bought some of this last winter too, and never got around to sewing anything out of it. Not expecting any cool weather here until October. You have some great ideas, though, I love the first one, the Burda vest.

  2. I love these! I have a bag of red fake shearling that I have leftover but I have been eyeing some shearling pelts at my local discount fabric store….

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