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Sephardic Flourless butter-less orange-and-almond cake

Pssst Can you keep a secret? Yes? Good…. now what I am about to tell you must NEVER be told to anyone that is not a cook. Here it is …the secret handshake of the food lovers fraternity…. we share … Continue reading

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Pea and Ham Soup

So.. I have finally made something from ‘Masterchef’….. You see I challenged myself to try the trickiest and most elaborate dish, one that will easily sort out the professionals from the pretenders the dish that requires great skill and care….. … Continue reading

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Another episode of The Big Winter Coat

I still haven’t made it to the sewing room with this project, but I spent quite a few hours on it again this weekend. What did I do? Pattern pieces traced off and/or drafted 25 pieces for a simple princess … Continue reading

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Oh lard won’t you bake me a Cornish pasty

Hello and welcome to our hundredth blog post! Now isn’t that a milestone! My apologies to Janice Joplin for the title and I couldn’t help slipping in the pun, I thought seeing as I haven’t had a food related blog … Continue reading

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At last, something other than sewing!

We had a fabulous lunch at our good friends’ home on the weekend. Their recent kitchen renovation included a blackboard as the pantry door. A clever idea and perfect for displaying the menu. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it! And we … Continue reading

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Bubbly dress success

My sewing projects usually turn out a bit different from expected. This is not always a bad thing. It does create unexpected opportunities in my wardrobe though! Every now and then, they turn out just as good as I dared … Continue reading

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Circle skirt love

Felicity’s love affair with the circle skirt continues. This one was made from a light and soft wool woven purchased very recently and with this in mind from Gay Naffine. That doesn’t happen very often! The request was for a … Continue reading

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