Circle skirt love

Felicity’s love affair with the circle skirt continues.

This one was made from a light and soft wool woven purchased very recently and with this in mind from Gay Naffine. That doesn’t happen very often!

The request was for a high waisted skirt. I interpreted this as the waist band could sit at the natural waistline and be a bit wider than normal. No complaints from the recipient so far.

Because its wool and it’s probably going to be worn in winter with tights, I lined it.

Rory finds this highly amusing for some reason…

Technical details:

Custom made to Felicity’s measurements by cutting out a circle as big as I could on a 150 wide piece of fabric folded lengthwise and widthwise. I calculated the size of the hole in the centre by drawing a circle in chalk on the fabric whose circumference was Felicity’s waist measurement plus seam allowances (2 x 15 mm). Then I draw a circle inside this one that was a seam allowance smaller all around (radius was 15 mm less). I did the same for the lining.

One folded edge was slit from the top to the bottom and became the centre back into which I inserted an invisible zip.

The waistband was a straight piece 13 cm wide (5 cm finished width) and the length was Felicity’s waist measurement plus 2 x 15 mm seam allowance plus 3 cm overlap. I interfaced the wasitband.

The wider waistband looked best with two buttons, and I had two vintage ones in my button stash (thanks Nana!) that worked well.

The bottom was “hemmed” with a very small zigzag. I worked out that the length of the hem of the skirt and the lining was 9 meters. I couldn’t face hemming that much by hand. I was concerned that machine narrow hemming on the bias would look more dodgy than a narrow zigzag. Slapdash? Yes! But it’s out of my sewing machine and being worn…

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