At last, something other than sewing!

We had a fabulous lunch at our good friends’ home on the weekend.

Their recent kitchen renovation included a blackboard as the pantry door. A clever idea and perfect for displaying the menu.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it!

And we were not disappointed.

The starter was pasta with lemon, rocket and grilled goats cheese. The lemon kept the flavours fresh, the rocket added peppery notes and the goats cheese added great depth. There’s nothing like the aroma of grilled goats cheese to whet your appetite.

What’s not to love about osso busso on a wintery day? Especially when its accompanied by the best comfort food of all: mashed potato. The size of Rory’s grin was huge. He happily went back for a second enormous serve of mash. Only a growing boy could fit dessert in after so much potato!

A cheese course was included too: Fromage d’Affinois, with figlets (and a game of cards to keep the mind active). Not much left of either of these by the time my brain was active enough to remember to take a photo.

Mmm, the sticky date roll with butterscotch sauce was delightful. This is a tricky dessert and requires last minute attention, but was executed beautifully.

Thank you dear friends!

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