Bubbly dress success

My sewing projects usually turn out a bit different from expected. This is not always a bad thing. It does create unexpected opportunities in my wardrobe though!

Every now and then, they turn out just as good as I dared hope they would.

This project was one of those!

It’s probably a combination of the right fabric type for the right style and with the right pattern. And luck.

I had trialed the design as a top with a much thinner and stretchier fabric.

The neck line was good but the top was a bit long and the thinness of the fabric not the most flattering.

Bravely, I pushed ahead with my dress fabric. It was a beefier knit, almost like a double knit and I’d hoped that placing the less grey bubbly bits/more black background around my waist and the grey bubbly border at my knees that I’d create the illusion of more waist definition than I have.

Technical details

Pattern: Burdastyle 05-2009-103

Size: 42 through the top and waist, out to a 44 over the hips

Fabrics: a thin stretchy polyester ring stripe knit for the top and a double knit type weight panel printed polyester knit for the dress. Both from Gay Naffine: the dress fabric purchased recently and the stripe knit residing a bit longer in the stash.


I made the top similar to the way Burda instructed, except I didn’t use a double thickness for the empire waist band, and I cut it out lengthwise rather than cross wise. It had less stretch lengthwise, and I thought the different placement of the stripes might add interest. For the dress I did use a double layer for the band. This extra layer and the thicker more stable fabric cut down on the waviness where the bodice tucks are sewn into the band on the dress.

Burda’s drafting included a centre back seam. I placed the top and bottom back pieces on the fold and eliminated this seam, and moved the band seam from the centre back to the sides. I thought about doing a swayback adjustment, but banished that thought… this was a trial garment after all! Perhaps I didn’t need too?

It probably could do with the adjustment, but it wasn’t too bad.

So I didn’t make the adjustment on the dress either, and, consequentially, it has some fabric pooling too

I didn’t use the cuffed sleeve version on the dress, but the long straight sleeves from the top. They are a little short for me on the top so I added 1 cm to the length for the dress version. I would have liked to add more, but my fabric ran out.

As well as all this stuff about sewing, you can also see the progress of autumn in these photos- the one week that elapsed between completing these garments added more colour to the leaves of our young Manchurian pear!

8 thoughts on “Bubbly dress success

  1. I recognize this Burda pttern! I used this pattern to make a “pregnant” dress for myself ( with some moderate modifications 🙂 ) Great job

  2. I agree with you. The fabric was perfect for the style. And the style is very flattering to you. The dress is beautiful and looks so good on you. Great use of the unique print fabric panels. The top is very nice too

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