Another episode of The Big Winter Coat

I still haven’t made it to the sewing room with this project, but I spent quite a few hours on it again this weekend. What did I do?

Pattern pieces traced off and/or drafted

25 pieces for a simple princess seamed coat with only 8 main pattern pieces? Yes, that’s how many I’ve traced and drafted after tracing the first 8 for the muslin!

Next time I plan to make a coat from a Burda Style magazine pattern, someone, please, remind me that I could buy the pattern from Vogue and skip this step!

(And don’t remind me that the commercial printed patterns might not include turn of cloth allowances, separate lining pieces with ease, hem fusings and all the other bits Sherry has taught us)

Block fusing

This was as boring as anticipated, but I made up for this by using an heirloom metronome (complete with heirloom repair) to count the 10 seconds I fused each spot with.

It kept me on track and drove the rest of the family mad…..he he he…..that should reduce the requests for tailored garments.

Fabric cut out

and all the interfacing and stay tapes fused.

Actual sewing? Perhaps in July!



3 thoughts on “Another episode of The Big Winter Coat

  1. You must have both more time and patience than do I !!!!!!!!!!!! I definitely go for the Vogue option!!

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