The Big Winter Coat Part 3

The sleeves have zips (thanks again to Tany for her great tutorial)

The collar and facing are in, but the coat is still unlined and armless.

The reason for my slow progress? I’m blaming delicious cheese platters..

and open fires on rainy weekends.

Even He who Cooks is taking it easy for once! (nursing a cold by the fire is a more accurate description..)

Of course, I’m dreaming of the next project, even though this one is still a long way from finished.

For the next project I want to use this red and grey double faced wool knit

in Kwik Sew 3827. ( Yes, not a BurdaStyle pattern….)

I’m planning to do it with no facing and no lining (with raw edges) so both the red and the grey side show. Just a bit different to the RTW Tailoring process I’m using with The Big Winter Coat!

If I’m really clever it could be reversible.

One thought on “The Big Winter Coat Part 3

  1. The finishing coat is beautiful! I know it is not finished yet, but you can still see the inspiration, the detail of the sleeves zip is absolutely brilliant, I’m eager to see this finished and the next project underway.

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