Something yummy to start with…

Recently I had a conversation in which I claimed that I didn’t much care for smoked food, then I paused hmmm on reflection I could not think of something I didn’t enjoy that was smoked.

Consider: smoked oysters, smoked kippers, smoked ham, smoked bacon, smoked sausage, smoked chicken, smoked cheese… and there is probably many others that I have missed. So I guess (ahem) I must say that I am actually quite fond of smoked food (put your hand if you like smoked food too). So what was it …that I was thinking of when I said that I wasn’t keen?

The following nibbles I made several weeks ago (for a casual get together of work colleagues and friends). They are a good example of my love of smoked fish. I made little Rösti (a traditional Swiss dish of fried grated potatoes) a little like a hash brown and topped them with smoked salmon and smoked eel.

I grated the potato using the grating attachment of the food processor, you can do it by hand but it is a lot faster in the processor. Next I squeezed as much moisture out of the grated potato as I could, then shallow fried handfuls of the grated potato in a little butter.

The warm hash browns where then topped with salmon or eel, from Harris, a family owned and operated smokehouse located in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. (I have mentioned them before here) a dollop of sour cream, capers / caper berries, a squeeze of lemon, a scattering of lemon zest or wedge of lemon and that is it.

The tricky bit is serving the them… the hash browns might have made it from plate to guest’s mouth but might just as easily broken up and made a mess. I used some muffin wraps (the sort that muffins in a café sometimes are sold in) to save the embarrassment.

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