Additions to the Library

Yes, I know some of you think this blog should be titled He Cooks…She Shops. But that’s not going to stop me sharing another purchase!

Up until now, my sewing library consisted of several full year sets of BurdaStyle plus a few other random issues of other sewing magazines like Threads, Patrones, La Mia Boutique and Pattern Magic 1.

No sewing reference books.

That omission has been corrected. Thanks to Amazon, I am now the proud owner of these two great books

The Readers Digest one is sitting, open, next to my sewing machines. I’ve already used it to put in a centered zip and a lapped zip. It has been a while since I used anything but invisible zips. And I’ve used it to advise Felicity on the best way to appliqué for one of her school projects. Yay for schools who still teach ‘Textiles’!. And I’ve looked at it for the best way to line a bodice.

I predict this book is going to get dog eared, full of sewing studio dust bunnies, bits of thread and scraps of fabric, perhaps even a few pins.

David Coffins Shirtmaking book is inspirational bed time reading. Hopefully the reading will eventually translate into a shirt for He who Cooks.

3 thoughts on “Additions to the Library

  1. Oh, I have the Shirt Book, too! I love David Coffin’s Trouser Book. I’ve not cracked open the Shirtmaking one yet, but will do for DH’s Christmas present. Enjoy your reading!

  2. David Coffin’s book is totally wonderful, I love books written by people who really know their stuff, and he is totally hard core shirt maker with a quirky writing style and great ideas.. I first found it in the state library many years ago and then last year came across it. I didn’t have to even think before snapping it up.

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