Think Pink: remembering Janet and Robyn

Pattern Review are running a sewing contest this month on pink garments. It’s not specifically tied to Breast Cancer, but this was a great opportunity for me to commemorate two wonderful colleagues and to use some pink fabric that had spent too much time in my stash. The sponsor for the contest, Studio Cherie, is also very generously donating a downloadable pattern for a bag or tote to every entrant.

I liked this style so much that I made another version, in grey.

All this pink and grey reminds me of 80’s decor and galahs. Just as well I won’t be wearing them at the same time!

Galah image reproduced with permission from Tony Stevenson

Technical details


BurdaStyle 04-2010-125

Pattern Sizing:

36-44. I made a 42 waist graded out to a 44 at the hips

Fabric Used:

Pink Skirt (Version 1)

Stretch cotton with a fine white pin stripe. This was purchased a few years go from G Street Fabrics in Rockville, Maryland. That might not sound remarkable, except that I live in Australia. I was in Washington DC for a conference and snuck out one morning on the metro to G Street using The Slapdash Sewist’s excellent directions. Just like she said, there were bargains on the $2.97 table. This was one of them! I only have one piece of fabric left now from that trip.

Grey Skirt (Version 2):

Polyester Cotton from Gay Naffine

The grey has a great sheen to it and the white dots appear to be woven in afterwards.

Changes I made:

I added 8 cm to the length of the main skirt piece. This put the finished skirt hem mid knee, where I like it. I’m 175 cm (5’8″).

I lined the flounce rather than hemming it.

The flounce is cut out on the bias and I didn’t know if a diagonal stripe would look good in the pink version. So, for the pink version, I added a centre seam to the front and the back pieces and joined them to give a ‘V’ in the middle.

I didn’t line the pink version and I didn’t face the waistband in the regular way. Instead I serged on a 15 mm strip of the selvedge to the top edges after sewing the darts and then turned that over and topstitched. It stops the waistband stretching out but doesn’t add and extra layer and ridge over my tummy.

I did line the grey version but I left the bow off.

To stop the waistband stretching out on the grey version, I topstitched on a 25 mm grosgrain ribbon after understitching and turning the lining. I extended the end of the ribbon over the zip opening and added a button and button hole. It looks a bit like a white waistband. I think I might try this again.

I like the flippy flounce and the fishtail effect this gives to both these skirts.

When He Who Cooks looked at this photo he said that my bum isn’t really this big.

Just thought this comment should be recorded for posterity (or perhaps that should be ‘posterior-ty’).

And also for the record, I doubt he is completely telling the truth.

12 thoughts on “Think Pink: remembering Janet and Robyn

  1. What a great skirt pattern. I overlooked it when the magazine came out, so might take a second look. Like the darker version better, but fully understand the sentiments of the pink.

  2. I love the skirt pattern! I’m not a big wearer of pink, but I’d wear your pink skirt! I love the hemline detail. Great job. Thanks for posting all those pics!

  3. It gives you a lovely shape – the skirts are super cute. I have long since given up reading PR because of the time component, but being as *economical* as I am, I probably would have entered for the free pattern alone. At any rate, it’s good to have something to remember our friends.

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