Jenny Ruffles Shoulders

Last seen in subtle cream on a slender tween. Now appearing in bright red on a middle aged woman.

This pattern scans across the generation and style divides!

This blouse was made possible due to the kindness of Jenny who allowed me to stop by and get that one last piece of fabric from Gay Naffine’s sale (we were on the way to the bank for legitimate work stuff) and the generous allocation of time on the weekend by He Who Cooks to pursue my sewing addiction hobby at the expense of housework.

Isn’t it a great colour! And I love the crazy ruffled shoulders, the crinkled texture and the slight sheen to the fabric. You can see this better below with the photo taken in the bright sun.

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 07-2010-121

The skirt is BurdaStyle 04-2010-125. Yes, its become a wardrobe (and blog photo) staple

Size: 36-44, I made a 42

Fabric: A polyester cotton blend with a crinkled surface (this doesn’t wash out but I can flatten it with the iron). It has an almost silk-like sheen, but a very prosaic fibre content.

Changes I made:

As with my daughter’s version, I cut the ruffles on the bias rather than the straight grain and left the edges unfinished.

I gathered the ruffles using my “ruffling foot”. This is the plastic embroidery foot for my older Elna machine with the stitch length at maximum. Lex has posted a tutorial on this and how to get this to work with probably just about any foot and machine. I couldn’t get my new Bernina to do this (but I didn’t try very hard, because the Elna was just sitting there, waiting for me!)

I didn’t use any interfacing on the collar, cuffs or front facings. The fabric is reasonably stiff, the buttonholes worked okay without an extra layer, so I felt that this blouse would be okay without the extra support.

It’s a fun blouse to wear, but not crossing the line into too quirky for the office …I think…at least not for my office…and the ruffles are easily disguised under a jacket, where they take on a second role as shoulder pads.

10 thoughts on “Jenny Ruffles Shoulders

  1. It’s great! And perfect for Christmas time too! It’s definitely not to kooky for the office. It’s pretty conservative really, the ruffles are just a lovely detail to keep it from being boring.

  2. Why do I never notice these patterns in the magazine? I’ve lost track of the number of finished garments I see on blogs that I really like but never noticed during my many, many times flicking through the mags. I have to say that, for me, I don’t think the shoulder ruffles would work, but I love the shape of the blouse. This may have to be my project from this issue of the mag for my Burda challenge.

  3. I’ve looked at this pattern so many times – still not sure if it is for me but it certainly looks great on you. Perhaps I’m just not wanting to take the time on all those ruffles.

  4. This bouse is a great color and style for you. So pretty. Clever of you to cut the ruffles on the bias. When I made this blouse, finishing the edge of the ruffle strips took forever and was so boring.

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