From Dress-Up Box to By the Pool

Many, many years ago I made up a fun quilting cotton into a Sixties dress pattern of my Mum’s. It was a fun and cool summer dress for teenager me, but eventually found a home in the dress up box.

Last week, Felicity wanted a cover up for the pool.

I thought I still had the pattern but when I went to look in my pattern stash, this is what I found.

I was pretty sure this was the pattern I had used (love that hair on the model!) but the neckline didn’t look right.

But, inside the envelope, there was a traced and altered front yoke piece, with my cute high school writing on it. I don’t remember what had inspired me to change to a V-neck and buttons, but I’m guessing it was because I didn’t want to put in a small zip at the back.

Out of interest I had a good look through my pattern stash and pulled out the old ones from my Mum. A lot of hers and mine were lost in a move but I still do these few from the Fifties (some have a copyright date of 1953 on them).

Butterick 6297 and McCalls 3253.

Vogue 7924 and Simplicity 2847. My mum was still using the Simplicity pattern into her late sixties, along with other styles from the Eighties. She wasn’t easy to pigeon hole with her dress patterns!

Simplicity 2258, not in such good condition, but isn’t that illustration gorgeous?

I also have two Sixties styles of hers from a local newspaper pattern service 7601 and 4880. I well remember 4880. Mum had quite a few in this style over the years. It was a good pattern to showcase an interesting button.

These patterns are all in a size 34″ to 36″ bust. Pity I’m not the same size as Mum.

3 thoughts on “From Dress-Up Box to By the Pool

  1. The beach cover up is adorable, but you should of waited until she finished her little burp before you took the photo. It looks kind of strange with her hand over her mouth.

  2. oh my goodness I just love the curved cardigan neckline. just gorgeous! I also meant to say about your last post that I lurve that top on you – great colour, and so stylishly different.

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