2011 Sewing Year in Review

So much for blog stats. The four top viewed posts all time are still all about cooking. The Jacket that took Forever only just squeaks in, in fifth place.

So lets get the focus back to where it should be. On sewing.

Patterns used

BurdaStyle still reigns supreme.

Almost 30 garments made from Burdastyle patterns this year. One from La Mia Boutique. One from KwikSew. None from the big 4.

Do you think I have a liking for sewing magazines and tracing off patterns??

Just in case you’re not sure about the answer to that, I can also report that I also purchased two issues of MyImage, picked up some issues of Patrones when in Spain for work and I’ve just organised a subscription for Manequim…

Stash maintenance

Some lovely fabrics came to live with me from overseas (France, United States) and from local Adelaide sales (Gay Naffine, thank you again!) and local Adelaide shops (Ferrier Fabrics on Fullarton Road is still a favourite but, as other Aussie sewists have noted,  Spotlight seems to be lifting its game). One particularly lovely fabric is on its way to me from Canada. Thank you TiaDia!

2011 ended with 4 metres more in stash than it started with. Not bad given all the purchasing that went on (some 80 metres…) Not all of it was sewing, some of it found a new home whilst still in flat pack.

It’s all mostly about me

I used to be able to provide the Selfish Seamstress with competition. Last year it was only twice as much sewn for me than for others. Don’t mention that Winter Coat for Felicity from Parisian mohair wool that took no time at all.

Success to failure ratio

This is looking a bit better than 2010. Only one total wadder (so bad it didn’t get blogged about), one UFO (still taunting me in the sewing room) and one that never got worn (donated last week)

The Team

A Bernina, Janome and two Elna’s are now part my sewing machine fleet. The Bernina was a Christmas 2010 present. I still haven’t been to the shop for my free lesson, or to buy an invisible zipper foot.

Blog stats

The actual number of comments and views is not so important but I do sincerely thank the online sewing community again this year for making me feel included. That a great bunch of people you all are! You make an obsessive sewist feel ‘normal’! You don’t just notice a beautifully crafted buttonhole and perfectly matched plaid; you understand the pleasure in it!

Happy New Year!

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