More Ikea fabulousity*

We went to Ikea to buy a bookcase last week. Two metres of fabric come home.

I am ridiculously pleased with how this has turned out.

The back story to this is a white A line sleeveless shift that I have worn to death over the last 15 years. Its a bit small, the lining has ripped but I still want to wear it in hot weather.

The pattern was a Vogue Designer Someone now OOP that is in that box of patterns that I haven’t seen since we moved house eight years ago. Its a very simple style that I should have drafted myself but I hadn’t got around to it

The February 2011 BurdaStyle had a similar pattern in it, in the Plus section. I normally make a 42 in Burda (top of the regular size range), but lately I’ve been drafting out to a 44 at the hips. Perhaps a 44 from the Plus section would work?

So this is what I had

  • The hottest New Years Day since the 1900’s; 41°C(106°F), reminding me I needed a cool dress
  • Ikea fabric on sale
  • The February 2011 pattern.

It was all lined up!

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 02-2011-141


44-52, I made a 44.

The fit through the shoulders is good but it is a bit loose everywhere else, and quite tent like in side view. The stiffness of the fabric is helping this impression!

This was what I was looking for in a hot weather shift, but if you look at the fashion photo, you’ll see that this is not the intended fit by Burda either for the dress or the tunic with cap sleeves (model 140).


Ikea cotton twill. I had enough fabric to place a circle in the middle of the bust and to avoid inappropriately placed circles on the back, but not to match anything at the seams, as you can see both above and below.

I used an orange invisible zip.

Changes I made:

I didn’t add the separate front band. My fabric had enough happening without that!

I was slapdash and left out the interfacing on the neck and armhole facings. Upholstery weight fabric seemed ‘interfaced’ enough.

I shortened the dress by 5 cm. This gave a finished length of 55 cm.

Excuse the wrinkles (on the dress as well as me). The dress had its debut lounging by our friend’s gorgeous pool up in the Adelaide Hills last night.

* This is not a paid endorsement nor do I work for Ikea. I just like their fabrics.

7 thoughts on “More Ikea fabulousity*

  1. Gorgeous – I love that pattern from Burda and now I will definitely make it. Our weather is so mild, 23 degrees today and humid, that I might go sleeved version.

    The photo of you in the store is very funny. (did anyone try and pick you up and take you to the counter as a joke?)

  2. I just love that dress. It’s such a cool looking style for the horrid, hot temperatures. You look like a breath of cool air. Nice, nice, nice.

  3. I ran across this on PR today while looking at Burda reviews. I love this on you! I had forgotten about this fabulous dress and tunic and I’m going to dig this issue out right now. This shift dress would be perfect for our searing hot weather.

  4. Hello Gabrielle,
    Sorry to post this here but I can’t find a ‘contact’ button. I’m currently making this dress and am hoping that you may able to help with how to sew the piece n°3 of the yoke onto the neckline – I only have French instructions which are notoriously bad.
    Thank you.

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