Back to work

I’ve had a lovely short summer break with my sewing machines my family. But it has come to an end.

The dining room needs to turn back into a dining room from this:

I did a bit of reorganising on my break as well as a small amount of sewing. See that big neat stack of folders in the centre of the table?

Thats the pattern sheets of my BurdaStyle magazine collection all neatly in order. And the magazines themselves are neatly in folders in date order too.

See that big stack of fabric?

That’s all the projects I haven’t made yet. Too many plans, not enough time..

4 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. I started trying to sort out my inspiration folder last night and the table now looks similar to yours. Burda may have to wait until the Easter break! Must be great not to have to rummage to find the pattern sheet you want though. And there’s such a feeling of satisfaction from a good sort-out – or is that just me?

  2. I love how you organized your Burda patterns! I have to agree with Catherine, too, about how good a sort-out feels once it’s completely finished. Just did that with a load of old paper and reports for my kids’ schooling. It’s amazing what to find what was hiding away all these years…

  3. admire you for your organization! I need a vacation like yours, but surely my sewing room would end up with more piles of fabrics and cumulative projects …. Yay!

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