Shark fin skirt

I’ve made another skirt with the same pattern as before and in the same neutral brown colours as before. Not. Very. Exciting. Stuff. You are forgiven if you skip this blog post…

This is the same princess seamed skirt pattern I used for the cafe latte skirt. This version doesn’t have the integrated waistband or the added belt loops but does have a shark fin godet instead of a walking vent at the back.

After the sharkiness, the next most exciting thing is probably the lining.

Technical details

Pattern: Burdastyle 08-2011-122

Size: 36-42, I made a 42 grading out to 44 at the hips. After taking these photos and wearing the skirt for another day I took the seams in by 2 cm over the hips. This fabric has some stretch and overall the skirt looks better with less ease.

Fabric: Stretch cotton twill from Gay Naffine. This is lovely fabric. I’ve made a skirt previously (pre blogging) out of this fabric in brown for myself and in red for Felicity.

Changes I made:

The pattern has a 4 cm extension at the waist into an integrated waistband. I cut it out without this extension, and my skirt sits a bit below my waist.

I reinforced the waist with cotton twill tape, understitched the lining and then topstitched 1 cm down. You can see the understitching and the (back of the) topstitching in the photo above.

The godet was a pie shaped piece of fabric the same length as the walking vent, with the straight grain down the centre. I draw out what I thought looked about right and this turned out almost exactly a 45° angle (a piece of pie from a pie cut into 8 equal pieces would have 45 ° angles). I sewed the outer fabric for the godet and the lining, right sides together, at the bottom curved edge, trimmed very close with pinking shears and then flipped the lining to the inside and pressed well. The lining and the outer fabric were basted wrong sides together along the straight edges and then treated as a single piece.

What I’ll do with the next version ( is there going to be a next version?)

Waist: Not sure about this. Probably I’ll go back to the integrated waistband, although I could add a regular waistband.

Godet: This is a bit silly, so this won’t feature again, even though it makes the skirt very comfortable to walk in and looks less like a fin in motion. I could just add a slit, or have an inverted knife pleat. If I make a shorter version with a bit more stretch I could just sew it all the way. So many possibilities!

One last photo because the late afternoon light was so lovely. This also shows that the skirt has a bit too much ease.

4 thoughts on “Shark fin skirt

  1. I was thinking of envy how I’d love to have the kind of figure that allows shirts to be tucked in – it’s such a clean look. Love the shark fin detail, I’m already dreaming of a navy skirt with a little leather back pointer pa ha ha. (I also dream of a denim jacket made from dark faux fur with leather breast pockets like an ape chest which shows you I am completely crazy)

    1. Oh dear, I can’t get that gorilla image out of my head. I won’t be able to think about denim jackets the same way anymore. Yes, you are crazy, in a totally wonderful way.

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