No more UFO sightings

This UFO was a UFO because it was way too tight through the hips. By a substantial amount (about 4 cm- the whole sorry tale is here).

Jenny and Stephanie had some very good ideas about fixing the problem. But I lacked interest.

By this weekend, the UFO had spent enough time in the corner for me to feel like fixing it. I added an exposed zip and some ribbon trim to the back.

Now it is wearable.

There are still some wrinkles and bumps.

This skirt might need a bit more time in the magic wardrobe.

This is the previous version made in 2009, which I still wear, showing how I hoped this new one would turn out like!

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 01-2007-111

Size: 34-44. I made a 42, I think.

My notes from first time around with this pattern say that I added 1 cm over the hips, took 1 cm off at the waist, and added 5 cm in length. This time I added about 4 cm through the hips (with the ribbon trim and exposed zip) but probably cut the front too narrow, or perhaps it was the back or..??


The outer fabric was a gift from Jann and it is a gorgeous purple bengaline with a lot of stretch, excellent recovery and metallic silver sheen. Lots too lovely to leave as an UFO! The lining is a floral stretch poly satin.


All the curved seams of the yokes pieces are stabilised with straight grain strips of interfacing. I used a double needle for the hem, because this fabric has as much stretch as a knit.

I really should have another go at this pattern, perhaps in a woven like the first time.

5 thoughts on “No more UFO sightings

  1. A great skirt and a great save. It would never have occured to me to add extra width with an exposed zip. It looks so elegant.

  2. What a great save! I understand about leaving UFO’s that were tortuous in the magic closet for a while, but I love your fix! It would never occur to me, either, to add width through a skirt like this.

  3. I am so glad to see those ideas worked out so well for you! That’s almost a saucy little skirt with the exposed zipper, quite edgy. Now for me to go have some good ideas to fix one of my own tight skirts!!

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