Late to the Vogue 1250 party

There is a reason that this pattern has 77 reviews* on Pattern Review. And is a best pattern of 2011.

It might be that it is universally flattering to all body types.

Or that it is also easy to make.

Why did it take me so long?


Technical details

Pattern: Vogue 1250

Size: 6-20, I made a 14.

I think it’s a bit too small and I will probably increase through the thighs/tummy for the next version. You can see what I mean in this side view:

He who Cooks has been consistently complimentary about this dress, despite its lack of pot-belly-camouflage properties, so I’ve been brave enough to wear it in public.

Fabric: a mystery thin synthetic knit from the remnant bin at Lincraft. I love these colours and couldn’t resist!

Changes I made: I added 1-2 cm to the length. I did this by adding 5 cm to the length when I cut the pieces out and then took 3-4 cm off once it was finished. Not the best way to do it!

Hmm the hem looks a bit uneven in this side view, perhaps I was not as accurate as I thought.

Construction: Pretty much exactly as a Vogue said. This is a very quick dress to put together.

I added clear elastic to the shoulder seams for stability.

I don’t like their method for the back neck (using a strip of fabric) and think turning the neck allowance to the inside and double stitching would probably be better. I double stitched the hem and the sleeve edges/hems.


* As of 4 March, noon in Adelaide, sure to increase soon !

16 thoughts on “Late to the Vogue 1250 party

  1. It’s gorgeous. I have made a plain black one which I haven’t blogged about.I would love a print one though as it’s such a great shape.

  2. It looks great on you! Very flattering, I don’t see any potbelly?! All in your mind.
    The print is really fun and makes the dress a little more casual.

  3. Belly pudge and chin whiskers–nearly universal and universally despised! I didn’t see a pot belly until you wrote about it, so then I looked really closely, and still think your tummy looks great. So now I’m wondering, because I have a pot belly of my own to disguise, is it the print or the cut of the dress that’s so flattering?

    I think the sizing looks perfect. Sometimes on me, other curves, especially concavities, make troublesome bulges seem less prominent. Like Goldilocks in a dress shop: too baggy and only my trouble areas show, too tight and everything shows but it’s horribly, horribly obvious how big my trouble areas are, and when the fit is just right, everything shows but particularly the best parts.

  4. It’s such a cheer print! It took me a while to get on the bandwagon for this dress, too. The first first I made was AWFUL, but the second one I’m happy with!

  5. Well you have all been very kind about my pot belly. Of course only the more flattering photos make it onto the blog… . Believe me its there- Daughters don’t say “suck it in mum” for nothing!
    The pattern does help and teaweed is spot on too- well fitted garments are much more flattering than baggy or too tight ones. Lucky we sew and can get the fit right!

  6. You so don’t have a pot belly! I do what with having had twins. Sadly it will never be the same again after children, lol. My friend says it is my badge of courage for having become a mother and that mothers should be proud of them! She is kind, and not a mother herself. but it does present some interesting challenges with some garments. I so love that blue dress, wonderful shape and beautiful colours and print.

  7. Love your version. Is there any version I haven’t loved. The answer is no. This dress clearly works for all comers. I must make another one soon.

  8. I saw this fabric in the shops in a different colour-way but I didn’t buy it, now I wish I did. I do that so often! Your dress looks so fabulous in it and I can’t see any pot-belly. When a new dress makes me feel a bit self conscious though I chuck on the spanx pants, they are a girls best friend! 😉

    I nominated you for the Leibster blog award btw – Not sure if you are into blog awards so feel free to accept or ignore, I won’t be offended 🙂 Love your work! xx

  9. What a great dress and the colours are lovely – it suits you and looks very elegant. I have been thinking about Vogue and maybe this is a good dress to try them out first time. Seeing as it is so popular and so many sewers have blogged / reviewed it. Pretty pretty.

    PS pot belly? chin whiskers? Oh the things we blog about hey? Anyway, who hasn’t got one or both of those?

  10. I love, love, love this dress. So there’s a tiny pot-belly – no-one will ever notice it in such a fantastic dress. You must wear it at every opportunity. I went fabric shopping the day after you posted this and I nearly bought this pattern (your post being the first time I had ever seen it). The only reasons I didn’t are that I live in the UK (so short sleeved dresses aren’t suitable for most of the year) and I, too, have a little pot-belly so don’t always feel comfortable wearing jersey dresses. The days here when it is warm enough for a short-sleeved dress *and* I am comfortable enough in myself to wear one are few and far between. If I lived somewhere as hot as you do then I would have bought it in a heartbeat.

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