Blogging can be very Awarding

Two very lovely people awarded me recently! I used to think these awards were just another version of those terrible chain letters. Perhaps I was a little jealous.

Until I got one.

And my ego was stroked.

Of course I’ve assumed the awards are for the sewing posts…

Thank you curious kiwi

And thank you MezzoCouture/Tia Dia

And I’ll play along with the rules (sort off):

Seven random and probably meaningless pieces of information about SewingElle:

  1. I wasn’t allowed to read ‘Winnie the Pooh’ growing up ( my mums name was Winnie)
  2. I dislike household duties except washing and perhaps ironing (I am not nicknamed ‘Dame Washalot’ for nothing)
  3. My living family members span in age from 90 (Uncle Ern) to less than 1 (great nephew Harry).
  4. I sewed my wedding dress and my bridesmaids dresses, and then did the same for my two sister-in-laws (all of them crazy poofy sleeved late 80’s styles). Then I grew older and wiser and vowed never to see wedding attire ever again.
  5. My birth day and month number are the same and I grew up in a house with the street number the same as my birth day and month number. Unsurprisingly, it’s my lucky number.
  6. My family drove Citroens when I was growing up. The D series ones that look like frogs and had lights that turned around the corner and went up and down when the key was turned off or on. There were so few in my home town that all the drivers waved to each other when they passed on the road, whether they knew each other or not (the secret and special fellowship of Citroen owners).
  7. I have only won a prize in a lottery or competition twice. The first time was 6 bottles of wine when I entered a general science lab completion (and I worked in a wine lab, they must have wondered about that!). The second was delightful fabric from TiaDia.

Passing it on to other blogs

I’m going to do a sort off nonsensical thing in the era of the world wide web without national boundaries, and be parochial with my blog list ( and keep to those with less than 200 followers, as per Leibsters rules).

Why Aussie blogs? Because I can.And because it’s very nice to read about fur coats and hearty soups in summer but its also more immediately applicable to read about sleeveless dresses and salads.

The Aussies who sew :

Blooms Fabric Obsession

Doobees Creations 

I want to frock and roll all night…and sew all day

Quilt, Sew, Sew Sue 

Sew, I’ve been thinking…

And for the Aussie food blogs (now I’m being really parochial, these are the Adelaide ones!

The Foodologist

Lambs, Ears and Honey


2 thoughts on “Blogging can be very Awarding

  1. Wow!!! What a lovely surprise to see my name on your list – it does pay-off to be an Aussie in the sewing world after-all. And well done to you for gaining this award in the first place, I really enjoy your seasonal appropriate sewing and cooking chats.
    Off I go now to follow the ‘law of the land’ with this award, and I might take your lead of passing onto other Aussies, and see if we can get this little old list to grow …

  2. Congrats and they are nice things blog awards hey? Thanks for the good links. I shall ride on your coat tails too though it is far warmer in your neck of the woods than mine (NZ!)

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