Wrapping up another blouse

I knew I needed to make another wrap front blouse.

The teenage fashion critic does not approve of the print for this style. I confess I did buy this fabric with a fun winter coat lining in mind.

She does think the blouse is almost acceptable under a jacket (ie well hidden..).

I like it either way and I’m sure it will brighten up my winter work wardrobe.

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 09-2010-111

Size: 36-42, I made a 42 grading out to 44 to the hips

Fabric: Stretch polyester

Changes I made

I was prewarned about the ties on the sleeves being annoying to wear, so I left them off. I thought I would sew elastic into the sleeve seam at the bottom but instead I made tucks and stitched them along the sleeve seam. This gives the overlong-sleeve-draping-onto- hand effect, but without the ties.

Instead of two buttons on both sides of the hip part of the blouse, I added one bright red one on the left side (it might be bright red but its well hidden by the very busy pattern!).

On the inner right side I added ties a bit like you get on some wrap front dressing gowns. The ends drape down out from the bottom of the blouse (as above) or I can tuck them in.

The ties are probably not a great idea, but they are workable on this version.

This blouse makes me smile!

11 thoughts on “Wrapping up another blouse

  1. I like this blouse, the pleats are a great idea. I made it in jersey, and it’s comforting. You have inspired me to give it another go, maybe the sleeveless version. Only take notice of teenagers if you want to!

  2. I love this print too. The blouse looks great with the skirt and peeking out along the neckline of your jacket. . I admired it in the Burda mag, but wondered how it would look sewn up

  3. You look fantastic. I really love the blouse paired with the jacket. Teenagers don’t know everything!!!!

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