Roberta Carr’s Couture book

I spent most of last week in Portland, Oregon or on a plane or in airports (Australia is a long way from Portland, just like it’s a long way from almost anywhere..)

I didn’t have time to get out to fabric stores in Portland, but I did get to Powell’s City of Books.

[image source]

Wow, what a place!! It covers a whole city block and has more than a million new and used books.

I spent quite a lot of my brief shopping time just in this one store.

A selection of children’s and young adult novels came home with me, as did a Jacques Pepin cookbook and this great preloved sewing book:

I’ve only had time to flick through it so far but it looks like a great resource.

Does anyone else have this book?

What do you think of it? Worth lugging it half way round the world!?

7 thoughts on “Roberta Carr’s Couture book

  1. I have this book. There are a couple of techniques in it that I have not seen other places, that I have incorporated into my repertoire of sewing techniques.

  2. Ooh…I love Portland! And Powells! And yes, that book is definitely worth lugging. As noted by Katherine above, it contains a number of techniques I haven’t seen elsewhere…and they’re very useful.

  3. I have that book (what sewing book don’t I have?). Worth lugging half way around the world. Definitely.

    I love Powells. We used to take vacations in Oregon in very large part because of Powells. That place is heaven for a book lover, isn’t it?

  4. I have that book, and I have referred to it for several things that I cannot find anywhere else, too. It looks a bit dated, but the techniques are tried, true and timeless!

  5. I have the book as well as many of her sewing tapes ( I have got to get those converted to DVDs)
    The book has some wonderful and unique techniques, even though the styles shown are outdated

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